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MISSION: The JustMe! Music Reseller Program exists to offer Entrepreneurs and Business Owners a highly profitable opportunity to bring more joy into the world through the selling of personalized products to families and children.

Join us in bringing more joy into the world by selling these personalized products full or part-time today.

Read more about our Reseller package below:

* Huge Profit Margins!
You will be able to sell our CDs for up to 3 times your wholesale cost!

* Sell Products People Already Know and Love!
No need to explain! Simply let customers hear their child’s name sung and
spoken by their favorite characters. Every sale changes lives by bringing joy into homes across the world.

* Sell at Your Own Pace in Sales Channels You Know!
Choose what works best for you! Online website, shows and fairs, mall kiosks, fundraisers, parent groups, alongside your other products or more.

* No Excess Inventory. Make CDs as Requested!
Make CDs quickly and efficiently as you need them.

Sell the Best… Don’t Settle for Less!

Reseller Testimony:Barbra and I were both very surprised that in spite of the economy woes, we experienced record sales at a 3-day event we regularly sell at. In fact, we more than DOUBLED last year’s gross revenue! We realized we needed more space, staffing and computers to handle the crowd that converged around our booth. I believe the success lies with the combination of a great product line and customer loyalty.” – Billy C., Reseller

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The JustMe! Music Reseller Program is sold and serviced by SongsWithMyName Services Ltd.