Why We Sell CDs

The personalized CDs we sell are not just “another music CD” or “another music track”. The biggest thing to understand is that these are unique, personalized gifts unlike any others on the market. There is nothing like seeing the delight on a child’s face when they hear their favorite characters actually sing and speak with them! You can easily see then that this is a gift…


…one that brings joy to a child and can be enjoyed over and over again! That’s the key thing with our products…and sets them apart from any other “similar” type of audio offering. Everyone knows the characters we work with. They are true brands with staying power!

Our products are for the little kids…from newborn to about 5 or even 6 / 7 years in age. They are not for an older demographic. Kids at this age still like to be able to touch and feel things….and that’s why the CDs are great! They can hold it…put it in the player…and have fun! And what’s even more important…you CAN’T GIFT A FILE …but you CAN GIFT A CD! That being said…there’s no issue with taking the files that are used to create the CD and using them in a digital device….that’s fine! But…when you want to give a child a gift…you want to give them something they can see, feel, touch and experience! That’s why our CDs sell, and that’s why they are worth every penny of their retail!